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Towne Centre Furniture

Towne Centre Furniture (furnitologist.com) is a Havana based furniture, textile, art, antiques and home decor store specializing in reimagined, environmentally friendly hand painted pieces. With simplicity in mind our designs and work yield a modern rusticity that emphasizes one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. Towne Centre Furniture is inspired by the artful combination of nature and vintage & primitive aesthetics.

Our products are hand painted so they are one of a kind. Our Adirondack-style chairs are designed by us and are made in north Florida.  

furnitologist.com also brings the essence of our aesthetic and philosophy to our interior designs. We find it fulfilling to apply our skills to a whole environment. We’ve worked on residential and commercial projects throughout the country. We can specialize our services to suit your interior project’s needs. Contact us for more information and/or a quote.

Call 850.556.0861.


  1. Love it if you would like prices. All my friends but assume out if our price range to make a trip.

  2. Hours of business would be helpful also.