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Welcome to Furnitologist design Studio the online product design management system. We are proud to offer you a convenient, easy and secure way to improve your factory sales. We provide innovative, edgy product designs, manifacturer representation, Manifacture distribution… the possibilities are endless!

Product Design. Print your design, send to your team of engineers and begin producing award winning product designs! Eliminate the mess and hassle of going out of business because you did not invest in design creativity because you are too cheap. Don’t be afraid to abandon your old ways and take a new bold step forward into the future! Call today to begin receiving outstanding product designs!

Have you invested millions of dollars in your company infrastructure? Now invest in your image with products designed to sell! If you wish to set up an account and make money or close your factory the decision is yours.

I see hundreds of new entrepreneurs displaying their products at tradeshows with poorly designed products and they wonder why they are not making it. Don’t be in their numbers! Call today and see how our product designs can help you and your company succeed in today’s ever-changing market!

Although styles change and new technologies enter into our business two things stand the test of time remains: integrity and creativity. Challenge us! Our prices are fair.

We believe no manufacturing business can grow without innovative creative designs and a cross border alliances during these challenging economic times.


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